Colbie Sterling

“The Boss”


Female Human (Midlunder) Intellectual Field Mechanik/Soldier

Description: Lean, dark-skinned, black-haired woman. You wear an armored great coat and dark clothes that won’t show grease stains from working as well as tinted glasses for eye protection. You keep a ’jack wrench you can hit things with but prefer to rely on your massive slug gun in battle. You also have an ammo bandolier, a dagger, and a variety of tools stowed away.

Relations with others:
Eilish Garrity, “The Sleuth”— Can be a pain since he always thinks he’s
right. But the truth is, he’s right a lot. Good at ferreting out information
and killing things with spells.
Gardek Stonebrow, “The Muscle”— The perfect soldier and someone
who doesn’t ask inconvenient questions.
Milo Boggs, “The Specialist”— A wild card. Alchemy can be useful or
deadly, and so can he. A bit bloodthirsty and prone to stealing anything
not nailed down, but keeps his word.


Colbie Sterling

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