Eilish Garrity

“The Sleuth”


Male Gifted Human (Thurian) Arcanist/Investigator

Description: Tall and lanky fellow with dirty blond hair. You wear
stylish tailored plate armor that fits perfectly, with blackened steel
plates connected by mail, and you carry a simple and short sword on
your belt. Easily mistaken for a knight or noble’s retainer, you have
surprised more than one enemy with your spells. You wear goggles but
often push them up. Your well-organized pack stows books, writing
implements, spyglass, magnifying glass, etc. You walk with a swagger
and often wear a knowing smirk.

Relations with others:
Colbie Sterling, “The Boss”— Sometimes a bit pushy but highly
competent, particularly in battle. You prefer her yelling at her laborjack
rather than you. But you work together well, mostly.
Gardek Stonebrow, “The Muscle”— Has saved your bacon a few
times, and you’ve returned the favor. Best not to stand in his way when
he gets his blood up.
Milo Boggs, “The Specialist”— Possibly deranged but an excellent
throw with a grenade. Seems to find locked boxes and doors personally


Eilish Garrity

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