Gardek Stonebrow

“The Muscle”


Male Mighty Trollkin (urban) Bounty Hunter/Man-at-Arms

Description: Hulking trollkin with a thick build, bluish-green skin tone,
and a line of orange-red head quills. You wear well-fitting heavy plate
armor, to which you’ve affixed as many spikes as possible. You’re strong
enough to wield your massive war hammer in one hand, but you sling
it across your back when not in use. You also carry a weighty shield
with the Irregulars symbol on it and a pack containing a bedroll, coil
of rope, etc.

Take on group members:
Colbie Sterling, “The Boss”—A good leader. It’s
best to do what she says. Her ’jack is as dumb as a stump but is handy
as an obstacle to stick in front of enemies.
Eilish Garrity, “The Sleuth”— Magic-slinger, quite clever,
but talks too much.
Milo Boggs, “The Specialist”— Likes to throw grenades—best
not to stand where they land. Definitely soft-skinned, so requires protecting.


Gardek Stonebrow

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