Hogan Dunne

Human (Morridane) Soldier/Cutthroat

  • Hogan Dunne was born in a farm outside of Steelwater Flats but his family moved to the city when they lost the family farm when he was twelve. Living and growing up in the Steelwater Shantytown was hard and Hogan learned how to live and get by on the unforgiving streets of a industrial driven city.
  • Hogan joined the Steelwater Flats City Watch when he was twenty and to him it was just another gang to belong too, just different rules and bosses and a new look from the street gangs he ran with as a young man. Already a hand with a blade Hogan learned to handle a rifle and honed his skills with his fist during his years with the City Watch.
  • Hogan ended up in the 64th Reform Brigade do to a altercation he had with a young noble who was being too forceful with a tavern wench and when Hogan went to kick him to the street for the night his fist did a little too much damage and the man ended up seriously hurt and in return he pressed charges against Hogan for striking his betters. In some cases that crime would be anything from prison time to hard labor but this man was family to the local Earl Druce Halstead who demanded that Hogan be hanged. In a desperate ploy to save Hogan’s life his Watch Commander recommended that he serve the Cygnar in his death and sent him to serve a 6 year sentence of military service.

Name: Hogan Dunne
Race: Human (Morridane)
Carriers: Soldier/Cutthroat
Archetype: Mighty
Level: Hero (XP: 4)

Height: 5’3" | Weight: 154lb.
Age: 28 | Gender: Male

PHY- 5, Spd (6), Str (5), AGL- 4, Prw (5), Poi (5), INT- 3, Arc (-), Per (3),
DEF= 11, ARM= 12, INIT= 14, WILL= 8, COMMAND= 3

Feat Points: 3/3

1 #OO\
2 ##O/

3 ##O\
4 ##O/

5 ##O\
6 ###/


Trench Sword: MAT= 6 (sword) 6 (skull crusher); POW= 9 (sword), 7 (skull crusher); Atk Mod: -1; Notes: On a crit hit with a skull crusher target is knocked down. If a character using a skull crusher makes a knockout strike (pg. 210) that damages his target add +2 to the target number to avoid knockout.

Scattergun: RAT= 6; POW= 12; Range: 48’ (SP 8); Atk Mod: -2 (one-handed), 0 (two-handed)

Mighty- Boosted Melee Damage Rolls
Feat: Vendetta
Anatomical Precision
Find Cover


Military Skills
Hand Weapon 2, Rifle 1, Unarmed Combat 2

Occupational Skills
Intimidation 1, Medicine 1, Navigation 1, Sneak 1, Streetwise 1, Survival 1

General Skills
Detection 1, Driving 1, Gambling 1



20gc, Infantry Armor (SPD 0, DEF -2, ARM +7), Trench Sword, Scattergun, Ammunition 10 rounds, Ammo Bandolier


Gambling 1, Navigation 1
Unarmed Combat 2

Hogan Dunne

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