Careers: Pirate/Soldier
Archetype: Intellectual
Level: 39

Religion: Morrowan

PHY-7 , Spd (6), Str (5), AGL-5 , Prw (4), Poi (4), INT-5 , Arc (-), Per (4),
DEF=13 , ARM=12 , INIT=13 , WILL=12 , COMMAND=6

Feat Points: 3/3

Find Cover: At the start of combat before initiative is rolled, this character can immediately advance up to 2" and perform a quick action to take cover or go prone.

Sentry: Once per round when an enemy is placed in or moves into the line of sight of this character, this character can immediately make one attack, targeting that enemy.

Quick Work: When this character kills one or more enemies with a melee attack during his combat action, immediately after that attack is resolved this character may make one ranged attack. (To make ranged attack, the character’s ranged weapon must be loaded.)

Steady: This character cannot be knocked down. The character loses this ability while mounted.

Specialization (Cutlass): This character does not suffer attack roll penalties when attacking with a [cutlass].

Fast Reload: The character gains one extra quick action each turn that can be used only to reload a ranged weapon.

Waylay: When an attack made by this character has the chance to knock out a target, increase the target number for the Willpower roll to resist the knockout by 2.

Photographic Memory: The character has a photographic memory and can recall every event in perfect detail. During play, he can call upon his memory to ask the GM questions pertaining to anything he has seen or experienced.

Plan of Action: At the start of combat, the character can spend 1 feat point to use this benefit. During that combat, he and friendly characters who follow his plan gain +2 to their initiative rolls and +2 to their attack rolls during the first round of combat.

Perfect Plot: The character is a flawless planner and allows nothing to escape his attention. Assuming he is able to oversee all aspects of his plan, scout out the related sites, and do his research in great detail, he is sure to succeed. Of course this degree of planning takes time and care, but perfection is not without its cost. The character must spend 1 feat point to use this ability. A character following this character’s plans gains an additional die on non-combat related rolls during the day in which the plan was enacted.

SKILLS (ranks)
Hand Weapon (2), Pistol (2), Unarmed (2), Intimidation (2), Driving (1), Detection (1), Sneak (1), Command (1), Deception (2), Medicine (2), Navigation (1), Negotiation (1), Rope Use (1), Sailing (1), Survival (2), Climbing (1)

Cygnarian, Ordic


For most of his life, Jarvis has been a renegade pirate consistently on the run from the law, and his past. He’s spent the last decade of his adult life as a pirate like many others: pillaging, plundering, and all around taking whatever he wants.


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