Jelyan "Scarlett" di la Tadiri



Born the bastard daughter of the Lord Larkin d’Tadiri and his Midlander mistress Jenett Shaw, Jelyan was a spoiled child who was given if not the best a lord’s child could have then a lest a good mirror of it. Raised in a private estate the lord had for his mistress Jelyan and her mother were cared for by a small staff of servants and Jelyan was provided her own personal tutor. Even when Jenett fell out of favor with the lord she still managed to keep the estate and give her daughter a proper name, how she did this Jelyan has no idea but she suspects it involved blackmail.

Although Jelyan received the best education she was not allowed to join any universities do to her status as a unclaimed bastard and wishing to rise above her station she did the only thing available to she had her mother force her acceptance as a ranking officer into the Llael military. Jelyan was accepted and trained as a Lieutenant of the Light Calvary where as a ranking member of the military she was allowed social standing and privileges. It was only a year before the fall that Jelyan’s talents interest in magic came out and she was allowed on her own coin to be trained in Cygnar as a Warcaster.

The Strategic Academy of Cygnar was Jelyan’s private playground and it was were she earned the name “Scarlett” do both to her bright red hair and flamboyant behavior. As a already skilled solider Jelyan was able to pass out of many of her basic military classes which was a good thing as the start of the Llael invasion herald the end of her stay at the Academy as she rushed home to help.

It was all for not as the Llael army was rolled up and soundly defeated in only three days as Jelyan discovered the army in disarray and retreat, tossing down their weapons for their lives. With no hope of stopping the Khador invasion Jelyan instead went to find out the whereabouts of her mother and their servants. Jelyan arrived to find that the house was being ransacked by Khador troops and her mother and servants being assaulted . This would be the first attack that Jelyan would make against Khador troops so as to safe her mother and their servants.

In the attack a few Khador troopers and one officer escaped Jelyan’s lightening attack and Jelyan knew they would take word of her attack to their commanders and her likeness and actions would be known. To this end Jelyan sent her mother and the servants away with what wealth they could carry as she went on the run into a live of banditry. In days news of the scarlet hair bandit spread as Jelyan started her life as a highwayman taking from the Khadors who had stolen her homeland, giving what wealth she could away and only keeping the what could be traced back to the thefts.

In the years that have fallowed the fall of Llael Jelyan has embraced her role as “Scarlett” and is known as the renegade warcaster and bandit who has struck not only in Llael but also in the boarder lands of Ord and Khador and even as far as Rhul. The more daring the theft the better and although Scarlet as worked with other bandits and even freedom fighters it is not long before they seem to have a difference of opinion and part ways, sometimes by blade point.

Jelyan "Scarlett" di la Tadiri

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