Milo Boggs

“The Specialist”


Male Skilled Human (Morridane) Alchemist/Thief

Description: A bit short and wiry, with a pocked and weathered face
usually hidden by your gas mask. You wear alchemist’s leather armor,
which includes a lot of pouches, plus a heavy leather cloak (and the
gas mask). Two bandoliers cross your chest, one with half a dozen
alchemical grenades, the other with four throwing knives.

Relation to others:
Colbie Sterling, “The Boss”— Worthy of respect; she got you this gig,
and she knows her tactics. You like targeting her ’jack Doorstop when
he’s in the thick of it, using some of your grenades that won’t affect it.
Gardek Stonebrow, “The Muscle”— Solid fighter, always willing to
take the hits so you don’t have to. Best to stay on his good side.
Eilish Garrity, “The Sleuth”— Bit of a know-it-all. His magic is
impressive, but it’s nothing that can’t be replicated with the right
grenade or proper salve.


Milo Boggs

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