Rosaleen Bartley

Female Human (Caspian) Aristocrat/Military Officer

  • Rosaleen is the youngest daughter of the head of the noble house of Bartley whose head is a ‘Exarch’ of the Cygnar King Leto Raelthorne’s Council.
  • Rosaleen has received the best education the capital city of Caspia can offer from her beginning boarding school to her higher education at the university before joining a elite military arts collage.


Takari Stormhawk – Rosaleen meet Takari do to her connection which is a bastard born cousin of the family who was serving as a Sword Knight of the Cygnar Army. At first Rosaleen held the Iosan knight in disdain like she did her cousin until they both discovered by accident their shared passion for history which has lead her to respect Takari.

Excoro Valdar – Rosaleen spent three years at Caspia University before moving on to finish her education in the Military Academy. During her years at University she would meet and befriend and gifted student by the name of Excoro who challenged her in ways other would not do to who her father was and because of this they became true friends.

Admon Hammerhand – Rosaleen learned a many great things while under the tutelage of Master Hammerhand at the Caspia Military Academy, especially how to piss off other professors. Master Hammerhand was a teacher of the practical usage of alchemy on the battlefield and as Rosaleen ate up any real world experience with a hunger she gravitated to his teachings and personality. Later when she learned that he dwarf was being kicked out of the Academy for ‘insubordination towards higher educated professors’ she knew they were blind and sent a letter to her father to hire Master Hammerhand at once and so he ended up in the Bartley Family employment.


Name: Rosaleen Bartley
Race: Human (Caspian)
Carriers: Aristocrat/Military Officer
Archetype: Intellectual
Level: Hero (XP: 12)

Height: 5’1" | Weight: 91 lb.
Age: 18 | Gender: Female
Religion: Morrow (Ascendant Katrena)

PHY- 5, Spd (6), Str (5), AGL- 4, Prw (5), Poi (5), INT- 4, Arc (-), Per (4),
DEF= 13, ARM= 12, INIT= 14, WILL= 9, COMMAND= 8

Feat Points: 3/3

1 #OO\
2 ##O/

3 ##O\
4 ##O/

5 ##O\
6 ##O/

Caspian Battleblade: MAT= 7, POW= 11 (9 one handed), Atk Mod: – 1 (one handed), 0 (two handed), Notes- A character with a STR of 5 can use weapon one handed.

Quad-Iron: RAT= 7, POW= 11, Atk Mod: -1, Range: 60ft/10" (Extreme 300ft), Ammo: 4, Special Rules: once a attack has been resolved you can immediately make one additional attack with this weapon targeting the same character or another within 2". This attack is in additon to the attacker’s other actions. Reloading each barrel takes one quick action.

Good Breeding
Battle Plan: Call to Action
Natural Leader
Team Leader
Feat: Plan of Action (+2 Int, +2 attack on 1st round)
Feat: Quick Thinking (spend 1 feat point to make 1 additional attack or quick action)


Military Skills
Hand Weapon 1 (6), Pistol 2 (7), Great Weapon 1 (6)

Occupational Skills
Command 2 (-), Etiquette 1 (-), Medicine 1 (5), Navigation 1 (5), Law 1 (5), Oratory 1 (-), Negotiation 1 (-)

General Skills
Detection 1 (5)


Cygnar Military

22gc, Officers Uniform, Tailored Plate Armor (DEF -1, ARM +7 SPD 0), Caspian Battleblade, Hand Cannon w/ Bayonet, 6 shoots of ammunition, Ammo Bandolier

Law +1, Oratory +1, Pistol +1

Rosaleen Bartley

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