Takari Stormhawk

Iosan Knight/Bounty Hunter


Mighty (3d6 melee dmg)
Feat: Revitalize (feat pt → 5 vitality back)
University Education
Team Player

Languages: Shyr, Aeric, Idrian, Cygnarian


Takari Stormhawk, Knight/Bounty Hunter AGE: 33

She looked at the investigator the Bartley family had hired and smiled sweetly as he prepared to go over the basics of her past. This was going to be the most fun she had encountered in quite a while that did not involve bloodshed.

“Miss Stormhawk, or may I call you Takari?”

“Takari is acceptable, sir.”

“Takari, our reports show that you first encountered the young sword knight, Fredrick Bartley, near the Iosan borders. Can you explain what you were doing there?”

“Technically, we were near the Cygnarian border and as I explained to his commanding officer and their investigators, I was trying to determine if our borders were still closed. It does appear that they are.”

“And you engaged in combat with your own kind?”

“I engaged in combat with those who are responsible for my exile and who sold me to a nomadic band of slavers.”

“That would be?”

“A faction who wishes to destroy all those gifted with magic and is apparently now targeting anyone not of Iosan blood.”

“How did you come to be free if they sold you into slavery?”

“The slavers traded me to pirates after dragging me across the Bloodstone Marches.” She added with the hint of a blush, “It happened that a pirate captain was susceptible to persuasion.”

“The blade you carry is not common.”

“It is a Nyss Claymore. I obtained it from one of their refugees.”

“What are they fleeing?”

“Ask one of them. Any fool would know that Nyss and Iosans do not get along. They left Ios a long time ago.”

“What university did you study at?”

“I did not study at a university. My parents taught me the skills I needed to survive before I became a squire.”

They both turned as the lady of the house entered the room. “Would you quit pestering the girl? You already told my husband her story checks out.”

“I am just trying to be thorough, my lady.”

“And did you learn anything the military investigators did not?”


“Thank you for your service. Have a good day.”

After the investigator left, Lady Bartley looked at her guest and asked, “How many universities did you study at?”

“Three formal ones and from numerous tribal elders.”

“You are not what you seem to be, Takari Stormhawk.”

“I doubt that you are either, mi’lady. After all, you look just like your mother who bought silence for language lessons.”

“How do you know that?”

“The same way you knew to ask how many universities I had studied at. And that is all we need to say is it not mi’lady?”

“You have proven that you have no ill intent towards my family, so yes that is all that needs said.”

Takari Stormhawk

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