Cygnar Fourth Army

Forth army

The Fourth Army – The Army of the Dragon’s Tongue

Command: General Gralen Deckley, Viscount
Deployment: Border with Ord (and Reserves Deployed Forces)
Divisions: 11th
Brigades: 31st, 47th, 50th and 64th
Strength: 36,000 soldiers

Cygnar’s Fourth Army is also called the “Western Army” or the “Army of the Dragon’s Tongue”. It is the smallest and least esteemed of Cygnar’s armies, having historically been a reserve force. Cygnar’s kings have considered it important to watch all borders and the Forth Army has the task of patrolling the nation’s border with Ord, a friendly nation. Rectent events have brought the Forth Army out from the seclusion of Fort Balton and they will certainly play a significant role in the days ahead.

As Cygnar’s largest reserve force tasked mostly with peace keeping missions it has inevitably been utilized as a dumping ground for undesirable soldiers. It has regularly been tasked to accept both enlisted soldier and officers deemed insubordinate or troublesome but not incompetent enough to be booted from service. While these elements represent only a fraction of the amry, there is no question the Fourth has more incidents of criminal behavior than the rest of the army as a whole, including extortion, graft, accepting bribes, misallocation of military resources, looting and violence against civilians. Even more troubling to the Fourths reputation is the reinstatement of a old law that has formed the 64th Brigade a “Criminal Reform Unit” made up of convicted criminal who have been given the opportunity to serve their king and country in the military for a reduced sentence for their crimes.

Cygnar Fourth Army

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