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This is the state of affairs in Western Immoren, in this year 608 AR. Fighting between Khodor and Cygnar has stalled, albeit each side is arming along the Dragon’s Tongue River. Battles between Cygnar and the Protectorate of Menoth have entered a clandestine stage. Yet while there is a lull in the conflicts the people of western Immoren remain tense. Each side continues to mass its soldiers and stand at war readiness. Additionally, the trollkin kriels of both Khodor and Cygnar are stirred up and ready for battle after intrusions on their lands from several aggressors. That fighting will resume is certain, with the rising menace of Cryx along the coasts as well as within the Tornwood. As rumors of bloodthirsty dragonspawn together with blighted Nyss that are terrorizing a number of outlying communities among the northern mountains. Nyss refugees have fled the north to seek refuge anywhere they can find it. It is a troubling time for all the nations and people of the Iron Kingdoms.

This is a Iron Kingdoms RPG game with the player character being members of the Cygnar Army be they newly commissioned officers, common men-of-arms, skilled specialist, or hardened mercenaries who have all just arrived in the city of Corvis to sign with a official charter of service to the city garrison. Game will started with the Iron Kingdoms Scenario Fools Rush In. All races and careers are available, though some many need more story explanation as to how they ended up in the Cygnar army than others.