Iron Kingdoms: War Forged Heroes

Session 11-14 Overview

A not so quiet night:

Priest Sam meets Excoro and is permitted to follow him around to witness his faith.

Cherese, an agent of Iris, is sent to get information from Jarvis about the interrogation of Hill. Jarvis realizes she is up to something and refuses her. Three gentleman overtake Jarvis to get him delivered to Iris. Jarvis puts up a good fight and does kill one of them. Jelyan comes upon the group as Jarvis is spitting blood and being carried away. Jelyan takes Cherese hostage. This is observed by a mage hunter who does not interfere.

The group meets at the Mateu estate and Jarvis stays to be healed. Jelyan takes Cherese to her brother and stays the night there after inviting the group to investigate Hill and Rorke’s rooms at her brother’s estate.

An investigation

Jarvis finds a map of a waterway with hazards. Jelyan figures out winter weather gear and survival/climbing equipment will be needed. Excoro finds a stone that appears to be of Orgoth origin which he and Sam take to the Order of Illumination.

Joining the Caravan

Jarvis traveled to the caravan with Kari and began working on preparation. Jelyan had difficulty with the caravan master as did Excoro, but they eventually convinced him that they belonged. Rufio escorted Myn who handed papers to the caravan master and the caravan promptly departed. [The caravan consists of mainly humans with a few gobbers, one urban trollkin, and one ogrun.]

A plot realized

The group figured out that three of the caravan workers were bandit plants. A plan was hatched to frame them and get them confined. Jarvis planted “stolen” goods in their belongings. One of the bandits spotted him and moved the goods from his belongings. Jarvis and Jelyan approached him while Excoro was out scouting. The bandit revealed that he was to signal a group of mage hunters on when to attack. Jelyan got him to agree to give them a heads up before signalling for the attack.

Surprise attack

A war party of seven trollkin attack the caravan. Battle ensues. The trollkin die. Kari gets a kell stone which she has the urban trollkin read. It reveals that the war party is from a kell that originally is from the area the caravan is headed to, Niranthea. Jarvis assesses the trollkin and realizes that they had been previously attacked by argus and the injuries from the argus are new (within the last day).


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