Iron Kingdoms: War Forged Heroes

Session 12-12 Overview

Hungry Waifs

Thieving children attempted to steal food while the caravan was stopped to bury the trollkin. Jaclyn exchanged food for a trinket. It was determined the trinket was a druid artifact of protection.

Argus and Elves in the night

A winter argus a four female argus attack the caravan camp. The party defeats them, but spot shadows moving in the dark. Trailing after the shadows leads you to eventually realize you are being toyed with. At which point, a male Nyss revealed himself and bargains for the pelts of the argus. The party agrees and is promptly stunned when he bounds out of the tree and gives Kari a hug.

Mage Hunter Ambush

When informed you are being betrayed, the Nyss who had been “protecting” you disappear. You encounter two units of Iosans while hearing battle before you. You successfully defeat one group of Mage Hunters and capture two of the second group.

Swamp’s Edge

The party camps at the edge of a swamp that Jarvis has a map of its hazards. Haletaki reveals that the Mage Hunters have figured out the Rorke and his followers have enhanced remnants of Orgoth Magic around Niranthea. He and his fellow captive wish to destroy the ones releasing such soul stealing magic into the world.


dragontree Megiana

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