Iron Kingdoms: War Forged Heroes

Interrogation of Necromancer

From the edge of the swamp, to a druid hideaway, to hunting in the forest…

The caravan ended up facing an ambush and finding a surprise ally. Capturing a necromancer led you to discover that Rorke has allies with the following equipment:

Her Faction:
1 Deathjack
2 Bonejacks
2 Warcasters

4 Mining ’jacks (with field marshals)
2 Necromancers
12 “security” thugs
2 underlings (3 if Hill was present)

The one you captured knows that Rorke buys slaves from horned women, but does not know when the next shipment is due. She also reveals that Rorke has two different digs sites in the mountains on top of the base inside the ruins.

How you were found out:

By not activating the signals along the way, the caravan master revealed that the caravan was compromised. She knows that there are preparations for other difficulties, but the underlings were in charge of them.

1 Vector
3 Mechinathralls
2 Scouts doing surveillance


dragontree Megiana

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